Why do we do what we do?

As combating terrorism is increasingly becoming complex and involves different dynamics, Kagusthan Ariaratnam has initiated The 05 File Project Foundation on November 23, 2015 to engage the public to debate about how to approach the counterterrorism phenomena anew and to rethink strategy. It is an Ottawa, Ontario-based independent and nonprofit initiative that was formed to focus on a wide variety of subjects which are international in scope and consist of counter-radicalization and counter-terrorism research, strategic and tactical intelligence analysis, and threat briefs.

Although counterterrorism operations most often require “hard power” apparatuses, which include intelligence, law, policing, and military power, it must increasingly make use of “soft power” tools that consist of political, social, cultural and economic control, alongside broader policy initiatives dealing with the environment, development, critical infrastructure, migration, and humanitarian intervention, in which a nation’s civil society plays a vital role (Crelinsten, 2015). Obviously, Professor Joseph Nye, who coined the term “soft power”, reminded us that a viable civil society would help mitigate violence. As Nye concluded, a great nation’s interests in world politics can be better achieved through the use of “smart power”, a combination of both soft and hard power (Nye, 2004).


Mission: To bring about world peace by the “STATE OF GLOBAL TERRORIST DETERRENCE”.

Vision: The ultimate goal is “ONE WORLD” by ensuring geostrategic-cum-borderless “global village” for the modern citizens of the world.

Why One World: Much of the Global South, which includes the poor countries of the world that are largely located in Asia, South America, and Africa. This part of the world is home to roughly five billion people, who are living in extreme poverty, and as such, relationships around the world are not balanced (Shah, 2009). Income inequality and poverty involve powerlessness and invisibility, including a lack of money, basic nutrition, health care, education, freedom, personal autonomy. In fact, 80% of global resources are consumed by only one billion who live in the Global North that includes the wealthy industrialized countries of Western Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia, and Japan (World Bank Group, 2010). While most of the industrialized countries are located in the North, there are exceptions; for example, both Australia and New Zealand are wealthy countries located in the South. As a rule, states in the Global North are democratic and technologically advanced, have a high standard of living, and experience very low population growth (Ravelli & Webber, 2015). Is it fair or justifiable that developing countries must try to survive on only 20% of the world’s resources? No! Because terrorism that is rooted in inequality of a grieved man is best combated politically, diplomatically, economically, socially, culturally, religiously, and educationally rather than militarily alone, by uniting the whole global community as one system.

For instance, Baylis, Smith, and Owens (2014) explain, “just as the example of a liberal and successful European Union had created powerful incentives on the part of weaker and neighboring states towards emulation and a desire for membership, so, on a larger scale and over a longer period, a similar pattern would be observed in the case of the developing and emerging world as a whole” (p.82).

Therefore, in the future, a similar model can be implemented by the powerful Global North to persuade the relatively weaker and poor Global South states to become a unified one world system.

The following is a music video created by a like-minded Indian musician A.R. Rahman that promotes a peaceful One World.


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